Sunday, May 9, 2010

Had To Share This Classic

I heard this the other day from an interstate friend who is a nurse and I laughed so hard I had to share it. This is true. I have not made this up.

Several months ago, my friend was working on the triage desk at the Accident & Emergency department of the local hospital when a young mother came to the counter with her daughter in a pram. The mother was concerned about the health of her young daughter.

Presenting history, past history, medications and allergies were obtained and then came the time to get the child's name.

Nurse " what is you daughter first name"

Mother "Abseedee"

Nurse "Sorry I didn't quite get that"

Mother "Abseedee"

Nurse - with a look of confusion "Oh, how do you spell that"

Mother - with a look of disbelief/disdain "A B C D E"

Nurse - withholding a look of 'you have to be kidding' "Right"

Til then, be safe.


Squeezey said...

Heaven forbid...!!!

flobach said...


Jamie said...

Did a telephone triage job once and greeted with the question by an Australian military member "Im just a bit worried, ive noticed that occassionally when I have sex, one of my testicles disappears into my abdomen, is that normal?"

My response "As long as its not disappearing into HER abdomen then yeh, no problems".