Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ambulance Tasmania's Newest Recruits

Well, it's February 2010 and Ambulance Tasmania has just recently hired its LAST batch of student paramedics (they were advertised in June 2009). See this post for the difference between a "student paramedic" and a "graduate paramedic".

From next year they will only be hiring qualified officers or graduate students (those who have already completed a degree). No more being hired without any qualifications and being trained on the job (whilst being paid) over 3 years. This will make becoming a paramedic in Tasmania as a mature aged person very difficult.

Anyway, seventeen (17) new students commenced in the middle of February and are completing an induction period in Hobart which includes basic BLS skills and their initial driver training amongst other things, then the 5 coming to my station start here on the 15th of March with a weeks induction to the region and then they will spend a week riding on the ambulances as thirds. Then it's out on the road with a mentor.

Til then, be safe.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Everyone at work received an e-mail yesterday letting us know of few recent changes to the structure of the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) and new names for three major sections of the Agency.

Of interest to me was:

The Tasmanian Ambulance and Health Transport Service is now known as Ambulance Tasmania.

Very few people knew that the TAS - Tasmanian Ambulance Service was renamed about 18 months ago to the TAHTS - Tasmanian Ambulance and Health Transport Service.

So now it's Ambulance Tasmania.

Here is the organisational chart, if anyone is actually interested.

Til then, be safe.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

High Flying Election Promise - (C) ABC News

Tasmanian Premier, David Bartlett today announced $36 million for a helicopter for the Tasmanian Ambulance Service.

If re-elected the ALP has promised to spend $36 million over four years on a helicopter for the ambulance service. It will be staffed around the clock and based in Hobart.

The helicopter service is expected to be up and running within 18 months. Once operational it will need about 17 staff, paramedics and crew to operate it.

The Premier, David Bartlett made the announcement this morning with his deputy, Lara Giddings by his side. Ms Giddings insisted the new service will not make the current rescue helicopters redundant.

"The minute an emergency is called in, that helicopter can warm up and take off, right now, what happens is the helicopter is ready to go but we have to wait for a paramedic crew to turn up on site."

They also promised the Royal Flying Doctors Service (contracted to the Tasmanain Air Ambulance) based in Launceston will remain there.

Til then, be safe.