Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A new direction

I have removed most of my posts.

I was spoken to by management about their concerns over some of the content of my blog, thus I've removed nearly all the posts. Also, apparently there is a policy document about taking photos whilst at work. So the images have been removed.

I've copied all the posts back to my computer this time, so at least I can re post what is deemed appropriate after some more editing.

This means, I can have a work related blog, but with a more limited focus. That's fine with me. Don't want to do anything to jeopardise this great job.

Things will be lean on the posting front for a while as I'm very busy. About to go to Melbourne for 4 weeks on the Monash Uni Aeromedical Retrieval course and will have an exam and several assignments to do.

Til then, be safe.


TAZ THE AMBO said...

It seems so silly that the general public and media can take indiscriminate pictures without any repercussions but you who does consider before you snap are required to follow different rules.
Anywho, good luck with the study.

Ellie said...

That's unfortunate, it is very interesting to read what you have to say about diferent cases and their management. Good luck with the study also. Does this course supplement the study for a flight paramedic?

Tazambo said...


I'll still be posting (hopefully) about cases, but just with even more details changed so the patient can NOT be recognised by anyone.

As for the course, you could be a flight paramedic in Tassie without having done this or a similar course but with the progression of the service it is now becoming a requirement.

The Graduate Certificate in Emergency Health (Aeromedical Retrieval) is a is a nationally recognised course.

The 3 guys from Tas are doing it with a group of Vic mica paramedics who are doing the course to allow them to start working on the helicopters.

These are the 4 units of the course.






flobach said...

Bit of a bugger about the blog, at least it sounded like they teld you about the problem, and didn't tell you off...

Keep up the posts though!