Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's On Our Pagers

I wrote a similar post to this one, prior to the deletion of the blog, so here is the information again.

Our ambulances don't yet have GPS (apparently they are coming, maybe, who knows...) or data terminals. Another blog I read mentioned that they received their jobs via the PA at the station.

In Tasmania, we carry pagers and receive our jobs via them. If the job has some intricate details or the communication officers want to give us a "heads up" on the patient we are about to deal with, then we are rung on the mobile phone each truck has, to receive the extra information.

Here is an example of a standard pager message:

IN0154E 764
SUBURB, 7012 Sa:86e5 SOUTH
12:34P 22/05

What does it all mean:

IN0154E - Incident 154 for the state since midnight and the response code is an E - Emergency (lights and sirens).
Could also be an U or a D
U - urgent, respond immediately, but no lights and sirens
D - domestic, respond when clear or after the meal you just started (we very very rarely get D jobs).
764 - our ambulance number, confirms it was meant for us ?

UNIT 2 / 123 THAT STREET, SUBURB, 7012 - Address of the incident.

Sa:86e5 SOUTH - Street Atlas, page 86, grid reference e5, Southern Region - T.A.S is run under 3 regions.
Sometimes it will have Mb:123w23 - Map Book, page 123, grid reference w23, if the job is in a rural area.

UNCONSCIOUS, DIFFICULT TO ROUSE, ? OVERDOSE - General description of the job from what the Communications Officers has been able to obtain from the call, sometimes way off, but usually very accurate.

BLOGGS, JOSEPH, 34, M - patients name (if available), age (often estimated by caller) and sex of patient.

12:34P 22/05
- time and date of pager message.

We no longer complete our reports on paper.
We use a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK which is referred to as a VACIS (Pronounced VAC-ISS and stands for Victorian Ambulance Clinical Information System). I know Victoria (obviously) and Queensland also use them and other states are in the process of getting them. I may do a future post on the joys of using these.

Til then, be safe

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TAZ THE AMBO said...

ASNSW have had a trial and they will be coming out, just like our personal issue GPS.