Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Block

The last block held the following jobs for my partner and I.

The jobs below are listed as:
Called To (as listed on the pager) -> Result of the Job

Unconscious/Fainting -> N.A.D.
Breathing Problems -> SOB
Transfer RFDS -> Transfer
Conditions Specific -> Post-ictal
Red Cross Alarm -> Cancelled
RTC -> Trip & Fall
Overdose, Police requesting assistance -> Substance U/K
Fall, Hand Injury -> ? Fractured arm
Traumatic Injury -> Post LOC / Concussion
Chest Pain -> Chest Pain
Transfer Home -> Back to Nursing Home
Abdominal Pain -> ? Abdo pain for investigation
Overdose -> Antidepressant Poisoning
Unconcious/fainting -> Cancelled by police
Pregnancy -> Born at hospital 15 minutes after arrival
Breathing Problems -> COPD, very ill
Sick Person -> Inner Ear Problem
Haematemesis -> Panadol & ?? Overdose
Chest Pain -> Rapid Af
Condition Specific, Chest Pain -> Pleuritic Pain
Breathing Problems -> Asthma

Til then, be safe.